Discussion is going on in many courts of the country for a long time regarding reservation in promotion in PWD. In such a situation, rules and instructions have been fixed by the Railways regarding reservation in promotion. The employees will get the benefit of reservation in promotion according to this rule and instructions.

The Ministry of Railways has to say on this subject that the issue of reservation in promotion for Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PWBD) was pending before various courts for a long time. Whereas in the Supreme Court order of 28.09.2021 in the case of 'Siddaraju v. State Government',

'Explanation' to 'Civil Appeal No. 1567/2017', in section 34 of section 34 for 'Explanation', the Government has issued directions on a reservation in promotion. At the same time, the Department of Personnel and Training has issued detailed instructions for reservation in promotion to handicapped persons through Office Memorandum No. 36012/1/2020-Estt.(Res.-II) dated 17.05.2022.

It is defined under Section 2 of the said Act notified by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPWD). This will greatly benefit persons with disabilities and improve their quality of life. This is the thinking of the government that with this everyone can get equal opportunity and everyone can move forward equally.

It is also the wish of the court that everyone should get equal opportunity and that everyone can progress. The Board has considered this and decided that Indian Railways may provide reservation in promotion to PWBD in non-gazetted posts to DOPT.

Social Justice and Empowerment Notification No. 38-16/2020-DD-IIT dated 04.01.2021 and Board Letter E(NG) II/2017/RC-2/1/Policy vide 27.02. People will benefit a lot from this and people will get equal opportunities.

People will benefit by getting equal opportunity for all. Everyone is expected to benefit greatly from this.