A shocking report on the British Parliament's Covid-19 (Covid-19) has stirred the whole of Britain. The report of the Committee of Lawmakers claimed that the UK government failed to stop the spread of Kovid-19 and shed 37 billion pounds like water. The report accused the government and the program's head, Dido Harding, that they had no plan to deal with the pandemic. Meg Hillier of the opposition Labor Party told BBC Radio: "Even if promises were made to the public, they were not implemented, the country's taxpayer was treated like an ATM machine. It is really sad that there is no sympathy in the mind of the government towards the taxpayer of the country.

Where did Britain go wrong?

When the pandemic broke out early last year, Britain tried to set up a massive program to test new cases and trace infected people. But soon the Corona exploded and the country had the highest number of deaths in Europe after Russia. The lawmakers' report said Harding and the government relied more on expensive external contractors than on the country's existing network of the National Health Service (NHS). The report said that the services offered in the government program were constantly changing and its benefits were being extended to "only a very small section of people experiencing COVID-19 symptoms".

The report of the government rejected the report, overall it was concluded that the planning of the government was a complete failure. It could not fulfill the main objective of breaking the chain of Covid-19. At the same time, the UK government defended the testing program, saying that the country's testing program is the best in the whole of Europe. Jenny Harris of the UK Health Security Agency said that it has saved lives every day and helped fight Covid-19.