Premium company Apple recently launched a smart speaker Apple HomePod for its users. According to a report, Apple is now going to add a new feature to this smart speaker.

Recently premium company Apple launched its HomePod smart speaker. To woo its customers, the company has added many great features to this smart device. Whereas now a new feature of this smart gadget can make your heart happy. If you are also planning to get this smart device from Apple, then you should know about its new features.

Apple's new smart device can be introduced with the feature of detecting the user's activity. In fact, according to a report, the company has also got patent rights for this. That is, now your Apple device will automatically be able to track your activity and play music according to your mood.

The device will detect the user's dancing, waving

HomePod is being introduced with such a feature in which the smart device will track the activity of the user dancing, waving, and even leaving the room. Apple's smart speaker will automatically turn off if the user leaves the room.

Be aware that through the special feature of this smart gadget of Apple, it adjusts the sound according to the room. At the same time, with the help of the new feature, Apple is trying to improve the scanning ability of the device.

According to the report, Apple will monitor user activity under the name of the patent "Multi-media computing or entertainment system for responding to user presence and activity." The specialty of this feature will be that without the user saying anything, the smart device can detect the user's mood without knowing anything.

Apple's smart speaker will detect gestures and hand movements

Describing the features of the smart gadget, the company has said that with the new technology, the speaker will also detect the user's hand movements and gestures. If the user wishes, he can also give instructions for the volume of the gadget with hand gestures.