Sahara India New Update 2023: News is coming out from Sahara regarding the trapped money of the investors. The partner's money is stuck in the Sahara company, which is constantly being desired by the seekers, but the cooperation company is only asking to return the money received, the money has not been returned yet, but now there is good news for the investors of Sahara. Come, let us know the complete information further in this news-

Investors' money has been stuck in the Sahara for a long time-

According to the information received from the news, a huge amount of investors have been stuck in the Sahara Company for a long time, this money was deposited by the investors in the form of FD in the Sahara Company and the withdrawal period of that money has also ended. Completed Yes, but the money has not yet been refunded by Sahara.

According to the information, also tell that Sahara can take the final decision anytime regarding the return of the money of the investors, for this, all the investors should remember very well that whenever Sahara returns the drowned money, then all the investors will get the Documents asked. This is very important. To keep the investors safe, through this they will be able to recover the sunk money.

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