The protests that started in Kazakhstan over the increased fuel prices have become very fierce. The situation has worsened to such an extent that President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev has ordered to shoot at the sight of the violent demonstrators. President Tokayev has said that what can be discussed with criminals and killers? We have to deal with armed bandits and terrorists, both local and foreign. Therefore, they need to be eliminated. According to the government, 26 protesters and 18 security forces have died in the violent agitation. So far more than 3 thousand people have been detained. Tokayev said in a statement that our army had taken control of most of the country. Now constitutional order has been restored in these areas.

We are residents of Almaty, not terrorists

The largest protest in the country is taking place in the city of Almaty. People gathered near a government building carrying placards when security forces tried to clear a square in the city. These placards read 'We are residents of Almaty, not terrorists'. Later it was told by the government that the chowk has been vacated.

Police personnel had also given a warning before evacuating people in the city of Almaty. Almaty police spokeswoman Sultanat Azirbek said - "Those who refuse to lay down their arms will not be released." Later, the soldiers also opened fire in the air to warn the protesters.

CSTO also launched its army

Tokayev said in another statement- 'Today, it is very important for us to show solidarity for peace and stability in the country. I am sure that we will overcome all difficulties and difficulties together, maintaining the unity of our people!'

Tokayev had sought help from the Collective Treaty Organization (CSTO) to handle the deteriorating situation in the country. After which this organization led by Russia has sent troops to handle the situation. The Collective Treaty Organization includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Prime Minister has already resigned

On Tuesday, the government removed the cap on the prices of LPG and handed it over to the companies. After this, oil prices rose sharply. Due to which large-scale protests started in the country. The movement started from Mangistau province, after which protests started all over the country. Because of the protests, Prime Minister Askar Mamin sent his resignation to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on Wednesday, which was accepted. The President has also appointed Alikhan Samailov as caretaker prime minister. Along with this, an emergency has been imposed in the country from January 5 to January 19.