The European Union and Parliament on Tuesday approved a proposal to use a single charger for all smartphones and tablets in the European Union and across Europe.

If this law is enacted, USB C type charger will be used for all devices from the end of 2024. This will enable 45 crore citizens to use the same charger. As a result, 11,000 tons of electronic waste will be reduced and huge savings will be made.

According to reports, Apple Lightning, Micro USB and USB C Type are currently used to charge devices. However, the European Union has concluded that the USB C type is easier and faster. Therefore, further use of this type of charger in European countries will be mandatory by law. The biggest hit will be sales of Apple smartphones and other devices. Chargers for charging Apple devices are different but they are also expensive. If the new law is implemented in Europe, Apple will have to change the connector when selling products.

According to European countries, users currently spend around Rs 21,740 crore annually on charger purchases as there is no common charger that can run on all devices. It is also said that the new wireless charging technology could be promoted by the new law.