The new rates of LPG cylinders (LPG Price New) have been released today. LPG cylinders have become cheaper today. According to the new rate released by Indian Oil today i.e. on August 1, the price of LPG cylinder has been cut by Rs 36. This reduction has happened from Delhi to Patna, Jaipur to Dispur, and Ladakh to Kanyakumari.

Today relief in the rate of LPG cylinders has been given to the users of commercial cylinders. From today, 19 kg LPG cylinder will be available in Delhi for Rs 1976.50 instead of Rs 2012.50. At the same time, earlier it was available in Kolkata for Rs 2132.00, but from August 1, it is being available for Rs 2095.50. The price of a commercial cylinder has come down to Rs 1936.50 in Mumbai and Rs 2141 in Chennai from today.

Let us tell you that the price of non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinders has increased wildly in the last two years, but according to the new rate, today it has neither become expensive nor cheap. Even today, 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder is available at the rate of 6 July. Let us tell you that on July 6, the prices of domestic LPG cylinders were increased by Rs 50.

Even today it will be available for Rs 1053 in Delhi-Mumbai, Rs 1079 in Kolkata, and Rs 1068.50 in Chennai. Let us tell you that on July 1 also, the LPG prices were changed. While the commercial cylinder became cheaper, there was no change in the rate of the 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder.

Today's rate of 14.2 kg cylinder in rupees (in the round figure)

Leh -1299

Aizawl- 1205

Srinagar- 1169

Patna- 1142.5

Kanya Kumari- 1137

Andaman- 1129

Ranchi- 1110.5

Shimla -1097.5

Dibrugarh- 1095

Lucknow -1090.5

Udaipur- 1084.5

Indore -1081

Kolkata- 1079

Dehradun- 1072

Chennai -1068.5

Agra- 1065.5

Chandigarh- 1062.5

Visakhapatnam- 1061

Ahmedabad- 1060

Bhopal- 1058.5

Jaipur- 1056.5

Bengaluru- Mumbai- 1052.5

Delhi 1053