Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead on the evening of 29 May. Everyone was deeply shocked by Sidhu's murder. A few hours after Singer's murder, a Canadian gangster Goldie Brar claimed responsibility. Lawrence Bishnoi's name has also surfaced in the murder. According to Goldie Brar's post, he got Sidhu killed to avenge his brother's death. At present, Bishnoi has been taken on remand by the Special Cell of Delhi Police. Lawrence continues to refuse to kill Sidhu during police interrogation.

In the same year 2018, Lawrence Bishnoi threatened to kill Bollywood actor Salman Khan while he was in jail. Let us tell you that after all, what was his enmity with Lawrence Bishnoi Hai Koun and Sidhu and how did Lawrence Bishnoi become a gangster as well as why did he want to kill Bhaijaan Salman Khan.

How did Lawrence Bishnoi become a gangster?
Lawrence Bishnoi was born in 1992 in Abohar, Punjab. He belongs to the Bishnoi community. His father Lavinder Singh is a former police constable and his mother is a housewife. The jailed Lawrence Bishnoi is operating the gang from the same. According to the reports, there are 700 shooters in his gang who are present abroad including in Canada. According to the information, Lawrence Bishnoi did his early education in a government school and later he went to Chandigarh. He did his graduation from DAV College there. During this, he participated in the college elections but lost. After losing the election, Lawrence became hostile to the other side, which had defeated him. At one point both sides came face to face and a lot of fighting. The firing took place between the two. This incident changed Lawrence's life. It is said that the opposite party had murdered Lawrence's girlfriend as part of a conspiracy. Lawrence Bishnoi became a gangster after killing his girlfriend. In college itself, he formed his first gang, which included children from sportsmen to policemen and local students. Within a short period, Bishnoi spread his network first to Punjab and Haryana, then too many more states. It was during college that he met Goldie Brar.

When was Lawrence Bishnoi arrested for the first time?
Bishnoi was first arrested by the police in 2016 when he was accused of killing a Congress leader. He had claimed responsibility for the murder through Facebook. Bishnoi has more than 50 cases registered against him including murder, attempt to murder, assault, extortion, and dacoity. Earlier Bishnoi was lodged in a jail in Rajasthan but a year ago he was brought to Tihar Jail in Delhi in connection with the MCOCA case. Since then he was lodged there in jail number 8. After the murder of singer Sidhu Moose Wala, Lawrence Bishnoi is now on the remand of Special Cell of Delhi Police.

There was a conspiracy to kill Salman Khan
In the year 2018, Bishnoi came into the limelight when he threatened to kill actor Salman Khan after appearing in Jodhpur court 2018. It is also said that Lawrence had sent sharpshooters to Mumbai to kill Salman Khan. He had planned it all out. Sampat Nehra, a sharpshooter of his gang, had reached Mumbai. He did a recce of Salman's Galaxy apartment in Mumbai, however before committing the crime, he was caught by the Haryana Police and the conspiracy failed. At that time the police said that Lawrence himself belonged to the Bishnoi community for whom blackbucks are revered. By killing Salman Khan, Lawrence Bishnoi wanted to avenge the killing of those blackbucks.

Lawrence used to run the International Syndicate with Lady Don
According to reports, Lawrence Bishnoi also has a connection with Anuradha, a lady don from Rajasthan. Anuradha gangster Goldie and Lawrence Bishnoi had made an international syndicate. In July last year, Delhi Police arrested him along with his partner Kala Jethdi. Presently Anuradha is lodged in Ajmer Jail. During interrogation, it was revealed that Lady Don was running an International Crime Syndicate with the help of Anuradha Lawrence.

Same, after the murder of Sidhu Moosewala, new revelations are being made every day in the interrogation of Lawrence Bishnoi in the Special Cell. Now new information has come out, according which Lawrence Bishnoi wanted to put pressure on Sidhu. Lawrence and Goldie Brar wanted Moosewala to sing for him. For this many times, Lawrence's henchmen had threatened Sidhu Moosewala. Right now, the fans are just pleading that Sidhu Moosewala gets justice.