H3N2 Virus India Cases: H3N2 is one of the seasonal influenza viruses that infect humans, especially at this time of year and we are seeing a slight increase in the number of detected cases. Unlike Covid-19, this type of virus is not life-threatening. However, it is important to keep in mind that any virus can be fatal if the immunity of the infected person is not strong. This virus infection can be serious in elderly people with diseases like diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which may lead to hospitalization and may also require admission to ICU.

Alert issued regarding H3N2
Meanwhile, after the report of two H3N2 deaths in Haryana and Karnataka on Friday, issued a warning to the states to be on high alert. 59 cases of the H3N2 virus were reported in Odisha. The rise in infections has raised questions about whether this threat will become another COVID. Hospitalization, however, has not been a regular occurrence, with only 5% of cases being reported for hospitalization. So there is nothing to panic about if people adopt similar safety measures as those taken during COVID days.

Is this virus as deadly as COVID-19?
Regarding this virus, it is advised that at least the elderly, follow the rules to avoid this virus, which include wearing masks and avoiding crowded places. The number of cases may come down by the beginning of April. The number of people who died of the H3N2 virus has increased to seven across the country. However, according to official figures, so far only three people have died due to this infection. This virus may not be as dangerous as Corona, but it is necessary to be careful. This virus is especially affecting children and the elderly. In its beginning, symptoms of fever, cough, cold, and burning sensation in the nose and eyes are seen.