In many countries, including India, the Omaicron variant has been introduced. Omycron spreads very fast.

Even those who have taken both doses of the corona vaccine are more likely to be infected with omecron. The number of Omaicron victims in the country has gone beyond 5,000. A third wave is feared because of the rapid transmission of omecron.

There is a need to be vigilant to prevent Omaicron infection. However, due to some common mistakes and misunderstandings, the risk of infection has increased. That is why there has been a huge increase in the number of patients in the last few days. More than two and a half lakh corona patients were registered in the country yesterday. Some misconceptions have arisen in the minds of many. This has increased the incidence of corona.

Infected first, then it will not happen again - once the corona is gone, then there will be no re-infection, many believe. It is a fact that after healing from the corona, antibodies are produced in the body. However, this does not mean that coronary heart disease will not recur.

There is no need to panic as the symptoms of omecron are mild - in most cases of omecron the symptoms are mild. Therefore, there is little need to avoid it. So we have to be careful.

Take both doses of the vaccine - It is necessary to take both doses of the vaccine to prevent omecron. However, taking two doses does not necessarily mean that you will not be infected with omecron. Therefore, care should be taken even after taking both doses of the vaccine.