US President Joe Biden's popularity has fallen drastically and it has reached a lower rung than before. According to a poll, American citizens believe that President Biden's work on the economic front is not satisfactory. Joe Biden took office as US President in January this year. Since then, the US has been struggling with the prevention of coronavirus. Also, the US economy has also been badly affected due to the pandemic. However, to improve the economy, President Biden announced a package of US $ 1.2 trillion for infrastructure. Despite this, there has been no improvement in his rating.

According to a telephonic poll conducted by the Washington Post-ABC News poll, 53 percent of people say they are disappointed with Joe Biden's work as president. While most American citizens have supported the central government's move to spend $2 trillion on climate action and building and expanding preschools, as well as health and social programs. 55 percent of people said that Biden did not handle the economy well.

President Biden is in a better position than Donald Trump
Even President Joe Biden's approval rating has not been good for epidemic prevention. 49 percent of the people disagreed about this, while 47% of the people said that the Biden administration did a better job in preventing the epidemic.

Despite the decline in the approval rating, the Democratic government did a better job than the Republican one. At present, Joe Biden has completed 10 months as President. During this period, 63 percent of American citizens believe that Biden has not achieved anything. At the same time, 65% of citizens gave the same opinion about former President Donald Trump in 2017. In this survey, 70 percent of the people gave their opinion that America's economy is neither very good nor in bad condition.

Overall, the survey has seen a very critical view of citizens regarding the performance of President Joe Biden and the US economy. The Washington Post said in its report that this survey is a big warning for Democrats about the election to be held in 2022.