Banking Tips: If your bank account has been lying idle for a long time, then do this work immediately, otherwise you may have to face problems

A large number of people in India take advantage of banking facilities. There is a huge number of people across the country who have one or more bank accounts. It is often seen that whenever we change any job, due to this we also have to change the bank account. In such a situation, the activities related to salary and transactions start happening more in our new account. At the same time, the transactions in our old bank account become very less. For this reason, banks convert the zero balance salary account of customers into a savings account when there is no salary credit. For this reason, banks levy extra charges from the customers for not maintaining the minimum deposit amount in the account. If you also have such an account, then close it immediately. Otherwise, you may have to face a big loss.

After transferring from an old to a new bank account, you should get your old account closed immediately. In this way, you can avoid a big loss. In this episode, let us know about the process with the help of which you can close your old bank account.

Before closing your savings account, withdraw all your money from it. You can also withdraw your money with the help of an ATM machine or online transfer. At the same time, while closing the account, get all the debits linked with it de-linked.

In case your bank account is linked with an EMI, you will have to give a new account number to the loan lender. If you close your savings account after one year, you will not be charged any closure charges. Banks levy closure charges from customers between 14 days to 1 year from the date of account opening.

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