How to revoke the termination of your YouTube channel

YouTube is thousands of users in India who help to watch or create videos and connect with people. But many YouTube channels have been closed for some time. What could be the reason for this? Today we are going to talk about it.

Google's video streaming feature YouTube is used by thousands of Indians. Through this, we can connect with the thoughts of different people from all over the country and the world. Not only this, but you can also watch videos related to different topics like recipes, education, and entertainment. Along with this, you can share your thoughts and qualities with others on this platform. Today we will tell you why a YouTube channel gets banned, and what is the reason for it. Let's know about it.

Why are YouTube channels banned?

Google's YouTube team regularly monitors videos uploaded to the video streaming platform to ensure that no one violates its guidelines. Whenever YouTube finds a video violating its Community Guidelines and Policies or when there is a copyright infringement, the company either removes the video. Apart from this, the platform can also terminate the account or channel from where the video was initially uploaded. Along with this, the company also relies on user reports and government orders to remove videos and ban channels.

The account can be banned even for spreading misinformation

Recently, the government banned six YouTube channels on its platform, which were spreading fake news. Please tell me that these channels had about 20 lakh subscribers. The Fact Check Unit of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) revealed that these six channels were working in a coordinated manner. PIB also claimed that these channels are spreading misinformation and their videos have been viewed more than 51 crore times. As per the PIB statement, these YouTube channels were found spreading fake news about the functioning of the government as well as elections and proceedings of the Supreme Court and Parliament. The names of those channels have also been mentioned in the statement.

The owner of the channel is informed about the ban by sending a mail.

When YouTube bans an account or channel, its owner will not be allowed to use, own, or create any other YouTube channel/account. Apart from this, YouTube sends an email to the channel owner stating the reason for termination after banning the channel.

How to appeal for cancellation of termination

Owners of banned channels and accounts can appeal to YouTube if they believe their channel or account has been banned in error. You will need to submit a form to YouTube to appeal. Let us tell you that while filling out the appeal form, you have to take care of some things.

YouTube users should only submit an appeal request once, as doing so multiple times can delay the platform's review. The company also asks appealers to fill out a complete form and add their channel ID, as the more information you give YouTube, the easier it will be for the company to process your request. In case of similar copyright infringement claims, if the channel owner feels that the platform claims are false, they can also file a counter-notification.