People especially have a habit of having breakfast with tea in the evening. So today we bring you a dish. Which is very easy to make and delicious. So today we bring you Bhelpuri recipe for breakfast. Which is a spicy dish. If it is made spicy by adding sour-sweet sauce, then here is how to make bhel puri.


50 g - save

1 bowl - mammara

6 Nang - Papadi

1 Nang - Potato (Boiled)

1 ng - Onion (chopped)

1 Nang - Tomato (Chopped)

2 tablespoons - lemon juice

1 tablespoon - green sauce

1 tablespoon - mango sauce

1/2 teaspoon - chaat masala

To taste - salt

1 tablespoon coriander (chopped)

How to make

First, cut the papadi into small pieces. Now in a large bowl add mamara, save, papdi and mix well. Now mix in the chopped potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Now add green sauce and mango sauce on top. Add salt and chaat masala. Squeeze the lemon juice as needed. Now mix all this well. Now garnish it with coriander. Bhel Puri is ready.