With increasing age, many changes start taking place in a person. Physical changes are visible first. With increasing age, wrinkles on the face, weakening of vision, sagging skin, weakness, low energy, feeling tired quickly, and graying of hair are common symptoms. Apart from this, there are also changes in the intellectual condition, such as weakening of memory and inability to concentrate. Also, health problems may increase, like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

These problems of aging can be avoided by taking precautions beforehand. Some yoga asanas are very effective in keeping old age away from you. With their practice, skin-related problems do not occur with increasing age, and immunity remains better, due to which old age diseases can also be avoided. Let us know about the yogasanas that keep old age at bay.

This asana is called Warrior Pose, the practice of which strengthens the calf and knee muscles. Problems of pain in knees and legs that occur with increasing age do not occur. People who suffer from leg pain must practice Virabhadrasana.

This is called tree pose, in which the shape of the body is like a tree. This asana improves the posture of the body. Due to bad posture, physical posture deteriorates with increasing age. Vrikshasana corrects posture, stretches the shoulder muscles, and reduces shoulder and neck pain in old age. Wrinkles on the face can also be avoided by practicing this asana.

This asana prevents skin-related disorders. Regular practice of Bhujangasana keeps the blood clean and supplies oxygen to the brain. To brighten your face, practice Bhujangasana regularly. This asana is effective for looking young even in old age.
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