Yoga helps in keeping the body and mind fit, so it is advisable to do yoga daily. Perhaps this is the reason why we tell you about the benefits of yoga almost daily. Today we are telling you about the yoga that balances 3 doshas of the body i.e. Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Ayurvedic expert Niti Seth ji is telling us about these yogasanas. Through his Instagram, he has shared yogasanas balancing the tridoshas of the body with the fans.

Vata, Pitta and Kaphadoshas

Every one is truly unique and should be treated as such. Each body constitutes its elemental makeup. The five elements, earth, fire, water, air and space (ether), condense to form the three doshas or energy forces of the body. The concept of these doshas stems from the ancient medical science of India, Ayurveda. It is more accurate to consider Ayurveda as a system of 'knowledge of life.

Its purpose is, in short, to understand all life forms (body, mind and spirit) and their combinations as manifestations of creation. All forms of creation can be better understood through these three energies or doshas, ​​which sustain life. Their manifestation in individuals stems from a unique ratio of functions in each individual's body that is determined at conception.

Every human experience, whether it is emotional, physical or environmental, affects the balance of the doshas. Each dosha has unique qualities and while all three doshas are present in every person, it is clear which dosha, or two, predominates in you from your physical traits and tendencies. This dominance of one (sometimes two) energy forces explains why two people can have completely different reactions to the same thing.

So, how is it possible to balance the energy out of imbalance? Food is one way that can help bring the doshas into balance. But here we will focus on how yoga can help in balancing the three forces.

Sharing the yoga, he wrote in the caption, there are 84 major yoga asanas and when done correctly, almost all of them are tridosha (balance the three doshas) in nature. However, some act more strongly on one or two doshas. But to be safe, here is a list of 9 asanas that balance all the three doshas equally and are suitable for any constitution.

Tridosha balancing yoga

  • lotus pose - padmasana
  • Hidden Lotus Pose - SuptaPadmasana
  • Siddha Mudra - Siddhasana
  • Balasan - Balasan
  • Spinal Twist - Matsyendrasana
  • Bridge - Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
  • Palm Tree - Tadasana
  • Tree Pose – Vrikshasana
  • Cremation

Apart from this, Surya Namaskar is also beneficial to balance all the three doshas.

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