You must be using shawls in winter. Although many types of shawls will be available in the market at different rates, do you know which is the most expensive shawl in the world and why is that shawl banned in India? Let us tell you that the name of the world's most expensive shawl is Shahtoosh and it is banned in India, there is a primary reason behind which we will tell you in this article.

Know why Shahtoosh is the world's most expensive shawl?

Shahtoosh Shawl is the most expensive shawl in the world, which costs around Rs 15 lakh. Let us tell you that about Shahtoosh's meaning, there is a monarchy. This wool is considered to be the best and its quality is considered to be different and better than other shawls.

The thickness of fibre in mulberry is 10 microns. Let us tell you that many chiru is killed to make this shawl. Chiru is an animal found in the hills of Tibet. You will be surprised to know that about 20 thousand Chiru are killed to make this shawl.

This shawl was started to be made at the time of Akbar's rule in the 16th century. At that time this shawl was used only in the royal palaces. Then after some time, people started selling it and it started being made more and more.

Why is it banned in India?

Thousands of chirus were killed in making this shawl, for this reason, in the year 1975, the International Association for Conservation of Nature banned the mulberry shawl, but people in Kashmir in India used to sell this shawl even after it was banned. Then in the year 2000 it was completely banned in India. Many organizations told the reason behind the ban on this shawl is the decrease in the population of Chiru and then the government banned it forever.

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