World Music Day 2023: Whether you are driving, working out or even cleaning the house, we all love listening to music during such activities. Music is one such thing, which helps you forget your troubles and makes you feel relaxed. Some time ago a study was done on music to understand this unique relationship between mind and music. Researchers at McGill University found that music can be as addictive as junk food, money, and even alcohol.

Explaining this research, scientists said that a good tune triggers a part of our brain called the nucleus accumbens. Using scans, the researchers observed that neurons increased when listening to music and that pleasure decreased when the song was stopped.

Experts believe that music is an important part of our life. It can relieve stress and improve anyone's mood. Some types of music improve sleep. At the same time, music also serves to connect people. But even then the habit of listening to music for a long time and continuously is also worrying. If someone likes to listen to songs all the time, it means that he is addicted to it.

How does one get addicted to music?
listening to music excessively

If we are leaning towards music leaving all work, ignoring our health, then it means music is more than necessary in our life. Many people give importance to listening to music instead of worrying about office work, which is wrong.

hum a song incessantly
Often people hum songs while taking a bath or while cooking or during similar activities, which is a common practice. But sometimes people listen to the same song thousands of times due to stress or depression. Sometimes listening to the same line of the song multiple times. In the medical world, it is considered a kind of mania.

To get drunk
Music intoxication can also be related to alcohol and cannabis intoxication in many cases. Many times a person keeps repeating the same work while intoxicated. The effect of which can be more harmful.

Don't Ignore Music Addiction
If the habit of listening to music is affecting your work and health and it is difficult to get rid of this habit, then you can seek help from a therapist. An expert will examine your nature and suggest ways to reduce this addiction healthily. If music is making you restless and because of it you are drifting away from your near and dear ones, then you must find a solution.
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