The winter season has started and in such a situation it is very difficult to wash sweaters and woollen coats. We all face many problems while washing woollen coats. Because of this, the coats are not even cleaned properly. In such a situation, today we will tell you about those things that you should keep in mind while washing a woollen coat. Keeping these things in mind, you can easily wash the woollen coat. Today we will tell you about those easy tips that you can follow to wash the woollen coat.

Read the label

Before washing a woollen coat, you should read the label on the coat. This is because the label on the coat will tell you how to wash the coat. The label will let you know if it can be machine washed. Also, which soap or detergent should be used to wash the coat. Or instead of washing the court, it just needs to be dry cleaned.

Clean the coat before washing

You should never wash the coat without cleaning it. Always brush off any dust and dirt on the coat before washing it. But if you do not have a brush, you can also wipe the coat with a soft wet cloth. Doing so makes the coat quick and easy to clean.

Wash the coat

Now you should fill a tub with lukewarm water. However, you should clean the tub thoroughly before filling it with water. After this, use mild liquid-like baby shampoo in the tub. You should use baby shampoo because it does not spoil the fabric. After this, leave the coat to soak in the tub. Allow the coat to remain in the water for at least 30 minutes. By doing this the dirt on your coat will be removed and your coat will be clean.

Drying the coat properly

After washing the coat, wrap it in a towel after that squeeze the towel well. You should do this to help the coat absorb moisture. Also, keep in mind that you should not squeeze the towel and coat too hard. This can damage your woollen coat. After squeezing the water out of the woollen coat, you should place the coat on a dry towel to dry.

Take special care of these things

  • Never forget to wash the woollen coat with hot water.
  • Do not use any hard detergent. This can damage your coat and cause it to tear quickly.
  • You should wash your woollen coat according to what is written on the label.
  • Wash the coat only when necessary. You should wash it only after wearing the coat about 4-5 times.
  • Do not dry the coat in the dryer. This can cause your woollen coat to shrink.
  • The coat should never be dried by hanging it will spoil the shape.


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