The problems of periods are so many that many hours will probably pass by counting them. This is the problem which is a problem even if it is there and a problem even if it is not there. Research says that women spend about 10 years of their life only in problems of bleeding. That is, if a woman is 60 years old, then she must have spent 10 years of her life like this.

Call it a physical problem or a disturbance of hormones, but the problem of pain during periods can be more.

It is known to all that the cramps that occur during this time are so dangerous that it becomes difficult to get up. Research says that this pain is as much as it is during a heart attack.

Girls' menstrual cycle can be very bad and it can happen that they do not have any problems. But there is one thing before the onset of periods; the pain and tenderness in the breast are very high.

Lap surgeon and gynaecologistDrGarima Srivastava MD (COGMR (UK)) has given information related to this problem on her Instagram account. She has tried to explain why there is so much pain in the breast.

After all, why there is a pain in the breast before periods?

One simple reason for this is due to hormonal imbalance. During this there is a fluctuation of sexual hormones in the body, during that time there can be tenderness, swelling, creation of some kind of cyst in the breast.

Is the cyst forming in the breast before periods?

See, some women have a normal cyst problem in the breast and some have more than necessary. If you are among those who have excessive pain in the breast before periods, then it can also be due to fibrocystic breast disease.

The very first symptom of this disease is that before the menstrual period, painful lumps are formed in the breast, which ends after the period. Usually, it gets cured after having periods, but sometimes it can disturb even for 10 to 15 days.

At such a time you should go to the doctor and tell about your problem in detail. Your illness may be pointing towards some serious problem. Normally, at such a time, if there is any kind of discharge from the breast or if there is excessive discomfort, then go to the doctor without delay.

Diet can have an effect

If there is more pain in your breast and this problem before periods occurs every month, then a diet can also have a slight effect. You should stop eating too much salt, too much fast food and too spicy during this time. A balanced and sattvic diet can give some relief from this problem of breast pain.

You also have to stay away from coffee because caffeine can increase the problem of premenstrual syndrome even more. If you manage your diet at this time, then other symptoms of PMS like irritability etc. will reduce.


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