Everyone has some of the other skincare tips which she loves very much and is ready to not only take care of herself with it but also share it with others. Your mother, your best friend, and even the internet are flooded with morning and evening skincare routines. The tips are endless, but it can be quite difficult to decide which is the best and safest tip for glowing and flawless skin, right?

Yes, all of us women dream of flawless and glowing skin, but with new products coming out constantly and endless skincare advice on the internet, it is very difficult to find the best skincare routine for yourself. That's why today our experts are telling you about some of the best skincare tips, with the help of which your skin will always look glowing. The best thing about these tips is that you can follow these tips in every season. Let us know about these tips from Dr. RitikaDhingra, Advanced Cosmetology Expert, and Founder, Lux Clinic.

Use good moisturizer

Applying moisturizer not only provides moisture to your skin but also helps in keeping the skin clean, smooth, and free of wrinkles as you age.

Using the right type of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain its balance. When the skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to emerge. If you have oily skin, you should look for lotions rather than creams. If you have dry skin, look for a cream with higher oil content.

Moisturizer helps to keep your skin youthful as it fights wrinkles. According to the British Journal of Dermatology, people with properly moisturized skin tend to accumulate wrinkles at only a fraction of the rate of people with dry skin.

According to Dr. RitikaDhingra, 'Moisturizer helps in making the skin glowing by providing lipids, protecting it from external chemicals and providing water to sometimes dry skin. So always use a good moisturizer.

Consider the Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a procedure in which the top layer of skin is removed using certain chemicals. With this, the problem of fine lines and wrinkles can be avoided along with improving the complexion. This process is very easy but you should get it done by an expert.

Dr. RitikaDhingra says, 'Weekly chemical peels help healthy bacteria to grow,whereas scrubs have the opposite effect, triggering an enzyme that destroys collagen.

Start getting facials

Nowadays our body is always under stress due to increasing pollution and stressful lifestyle. The symptoms of stress and air pollution start showing on your skin. Hence skin related problems can be very common. One of the few solutions that you should opt for to deal with these problems is facials. Instead of considering it as just a beauty treatment, it is important to focus on the benefits of facials.

Skin cleansing is one of the most important benefits of facials. In today's stressful lifestyle, it is necessary to protect the skin from the age of 30. If you don't do this, the symptoms of stress will intensify. One of the most effective ways to do this is by opting for facials.

This will improve the blood circulation in your face. As blood circulation improves, skin cells will receive more oxygen and nutrients. This will speed up and accelerate the process of cell regeneration.

According to Dr. RitikaDhingra, 'I always advise clients to get a facial once a month. A basic facial helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, treat common skin problems like acne, dark circles, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Use a no foaming cleanser

Facial cleansing is the first and most important step in most basic CTM routines. It clears any buildup and makes the skin healthy and smooth. This makes the skin appear hydrated, soft, and youthful.

Yes, a facial cleanser is a skincare product that is used to remove makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin, thereby keeping the pores clean and helping to prevent skin conditions as acne does.

Dr. Ritika says, “Stay away from high foaming cleansers, as they can strip away the glow leaving the skin tight, dry, and more prone to breakouts. It can even cause fine lines, wrinkles, and sensitivity to the environment. So use a non-foaming cleanser.

Take your time while applying products

To maximize the effectiveness of the product you use or need (whether it's your toner, moisturizer, serum, oil, sunscreen, etc.), you need time between each application so that your skin is unreliable. to absorb the properties. Research is limited here, but experts agree that each product should wait until it is completely dry, whether it takes a few seconds or a full minute, before moving on to the next.

Many experts believe that waiting for a certain period makes the products more effective. They usually recommend waiting about a minute between serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. It helps to give it a moment to be absorbed before applying the next product.

According to Dr. Ritika, 'While layering, let each product absorb for 2 or 3 minutes so that the next product you apply is also well absorbed.'

By adopting these 5 tips, you too can make your skin glowing in every season. Before adopting these tips, do consult an expert once.

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