It is very important to take care of Vastu rules at home-office or any place, because if the construction is not done according to the Vastu rules, then the people living or working in it have to face many problems. Vastu worship is very important in the home, office or factory, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to the rules of Vastu, from land acquisition to house construction or home decoration, because if the rules of Vastu are disregarded, it starts affecting happiness and peace. So do you know whose Vastu Puja is done? Who is this Vastu Purush? Or how can they be pleased? So let's tell you about it.

Vastu Purush is considered the original guardian of the building. According to a legend, once a battle was going on between Dev and Asura and while fighting Lord Shiva came a lot and fell to the ground. From a drop of sweat, he became a giant man and he started eating the demons, but even after this his hunger was not satisfied, so he asked Lord Shiva for permission to eat the three worlds. As soon as Shiva gave the command, he ran towards the earth, seeing him, all the gods and Brahmaji got upset. When the gods asked Brahmaji to solve it, he told that if this man falls on his face, then he will not be able to eat anything.

Then the gods forcefully threw him face down on the earth and everyone climbed on top of him and suppressed him so that he could not eat anything. Then that giant man accepted the submission of Brahma and said that he would remain with him. Then Brahmaji gave him a boon that every three months you will change direction and your worship will be mandatory before any construction work on earth. If this is not done then you can harass them. So this giant man became the Vastu Purush and his worship became mandatory.

If the house, building, or any construction site has to be given purity, the idol of Vastu Purush must be installed there. Along with worshiping Vastu Purush, he must also offer Naivedya on every Amavasya and Purnima.

Along with the worship of Vastu Purush, they should offer a blog. Especially on the new moon and full moon days, they should be offered sattvic food. Be sure to include something sweet in it. Also, after the enjoyment, approach the Vastu Purush and first feed the prasad to the head of the house. Due to this, there is a rain of happiness, prosperity, and wealth in the house.