Many questions come to our mind while sitting in an airplane, one of them is that if the windshield of the airplane is broken while flying in the sky, then what happens? You may find it a bit strange to hear this question, but there have been incidents of glass breakage in the past when due to an airplane engine blast, some piece of the engine comes through the window and the window glass is broken. . Well, such accidents are rarely seen, because the windows of the airplane are made in such a way that they can withstand the pressure of the air. But if you still have this question in your mind, then let us give you the answer.

What if this incident happens in an airplane?
When the window panes of the airplane break, the pressure inside the airplane start going outwards. During this, the air pressure is reduced for the people sitting inside the ship. When the window breaks, all the air inside starts coming out and due to this, there is a lack of oxygen for the people. During that time the airplane is also in its motion, in such a situation a vacuum starts forming near the window, due to which the inclination of the people sitting inside starts moving outwards. But, as you must have seen yourself that the flight window is small, in such a situation, instead of going out, people get stuck on the window itself. In such a situation, the pilot reduces the altitude of the aircraft and makes an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

This accident happened in British -
In the year 1990, the pilot's front window pane of British Airways flight number 5390 fell due to some bad fitting, while flying at an altitude of 17000 feet over a place named Oxford Shire. Due to this the pressurized air inside came out of this broken glass and dragged the pilot sitting in the airplane with it. But the good thing was that a crew member and other comrades held the pilot's leg till the plane landed. In this way, the life of the pilot was saved.

A similar incident happened on 18th April 2018 as well -
A similar incident happened on 18 April 2018 at Southwest Airlines. During that time the incident of a woman getting stuck in the window came to the fore. During this, the ship was flying at about 32 thousand feet. Then suddenly the engine malfunctioned and it exploded. After this, the window glass was broken by the pieces of the engine and due to such a strong vacuum, the woman sitting near the window started going outside. Due to the small window, the woman got stuck in the window, but later she died.

why does this happen -
If you are thinking that how windows break like this, then such accidents are very rare. This can happen due to many reasons such as a flying bird coming in front, an engine blast, and its pieces colliding with the glass, this incident can also happen due to the wrong fitting of the window. In such a situation, the job of the pilot is to handle the situation with his understanding and get the emergency landing of the airplane done.