Priyanka Chopra is living the happy moments of motherhood these days. The life of Priyanka, who became a mother in January through surrogacy, has changed. Priyanka loves children. On social media accounts, she often shares photos of herself and the children of her husband Nick Jonas's family caressing her. In the midst of all this, the actress recalled the moments when she had requested her mother, Doctor Madhu Chopra, to keep an orphaned girl with her during her childhood days.

It is a matter of those days when Priyanka Chopra was neither Miss World nor an actress. Since Priyanka's mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra is a doctor, once she found an orphan girl, she brought her to her home. On seeing that girl, Priyanka was so happy that she insisted on keeping her mother with her.

Priyanka Chopra's sleep was woken up by the commotion in the house
Priyanka Chopra has mentioned this incident in her Autobiography Unfinished. One night when there was a stir at Priyanka's house, she woke up and started seeing what was the matter. The actress wrote, 'My grandmother had come to live with us at the time of brother Sid's birth. One night she was speaking to my mother in a low voice, when I opened my eyes in my sleep I got up to see what was happening.

Madhu Chopra's car had left a newborn baby below
Priyanka further wrote, 'When she went to the kitchen, she saw her mother carrying a newborn child in her lap. They told me that when I returned to the car parked on the road outside the hospital after delivery, I heard a baby crying. It was raining heavily at that time and someone had left their newborn baby under their car. She was shocked to see the girl.

Priyanka wanted to keep the child with her
Priyanka wrote, 'That night I wanted to keep the girl with me, it was no small thing. Slowly my mother explained to me that we cannot do this. Then his mother decided to give that child to a childless couple. When the couple was handing over the child, I carried her in my lap.

Priyanka was unaware of the paperwork
Priyanka wrote that there was a lot of paperwork that would have to be completed, I was unaware of this because I wanted to hold the baby in my arms. I can never forget the expressions on the faces of those who had come to adopt her, the woman had become so emotional that she had fallen at her mother's feet. During the festival of Janmashtami, he cried when he found this girl in the rain.