Weight Loss Tips: Everyone wants a slim-fit body, but it is important how hard we work to get it. To lose weight at home, your morning walk, a little yoga at home and a healthy diet are enough, can make you fit and slim. While searching for weight loss hacks, we came across a social media post which shocked us. In a post by an Instagram handle indian_veg_diet, it was told that drinking flaxseed tea at night helps in reducing weight rapidly. Let us know what the experts said on this claim…

How to make tea?
According to the Instagram post, drinking flaxseed tea at night is a great way to lose weight fast. You drink it one hour before sleeping. To make it, first of all, you have to heat water in a pan. Put linseed seeds in boiling water and filter them at a simmer. Now it is ready to drink.

What do experts say?
According to the Indian Express report, health coach Digvijay Singh said, 'Linseed is a great source of vegetarian omega-3, which is very easily available in India. It is rich in ALA or alpha-linolenic acid, one of the omega-3 fatty acids, but he advised not to heat flaxseed, as this would destroy the nutrients of the seed. Its benefits are also many, such as being good for the skin, reducing bad cholesterol, good prebiotic, balancing sugar spikes, promoting silky hair, and promoting brain health.

What weight loss advice do experts give?
Dr Varsha Gore, Senior Dietician, Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai, while agreeing with Digvijay Singh, said, 'Flax seed exposure to heat or high temperature can damage omega 3 fatty acids. That's why you can toast it, make cookies or consume it in the form of a shake. On the other hand, Dr Digvijay Singh suggested reducing fat, taking a balanced diet, exercising, taking sunlight and staying tension free.