Nowadays most people are troubled by increasing weight in bad lifestyle and run-of-the-mill life. People trying to lose weight first start dieting and then exercise, but do you know that weight can be reduced even without exercise and diet? If you are not able to lose weight even after doing diet and exercise, then we are telling you some such easy tips, following which you can lose weight easily and its effect will be visible in just 10 days.

Make changes in eating habits
Weight Loss Tips are a big challenge after gaining weight and for this people do hours of workouts as well as diet. But, people suffering from obesity can lose weight only by changing their eating habits.

Take light snacks between lunch and dinner
There is more difference between lunch and dinner, so snacks should be taken in between so that you can avoid overeating. Because there is more time between lunch and dinner, people feel more hungry and then eat more food at night. Its effect falls on the weight. That's why to take light snacks between lunch and dinner.

Always eat food on a small plate
To lose weight, it is always necessary to control the portion of food. For this, eat on a small plate and do not take food again. This is a mind control formula and by eating on a small plate, the mind feels that it has eaten too much food. Although you will feel hungry in the initial days, gradually this problem will start reducing.

Have dinner 2 hours before sleeping
If you are trying to lose weight, then have dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping. Along with this, keep in mind that do not eat anything else after dinner. If you sleep at 10 o'clock, then in any case have dinner before 8 o'clock and do not eat anything after that.

drink hot beverages before meals
Experts believe that taking some hot beverages before eating food reduces appetite. For this, you can take soup or hot lemon water in your diet. Along with this, also keep in mind that while eating food, do not eat anything from other's plates.

Also, do this
Avoid eating unhealthy and outside things to lose weight. Along with this, drink up to 3-4 liters of water a day. By following these tips, you can lose weight even without exercise, but if you want quick results, then you can do light exercise along with following these tips.