Conch is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in a conch shell, hence Lord Vishnu is also very dear to the conch and he wears it. It is very sacred; so many people keep it in the temple of the house. But do you know what are the rules for keeping conch shells in the temple of the house?

If you do not know then read this article completely. We have talked to Pandit and astrologer Vinod Soniji on this subject. He says, 'Conch shell destroys the negativity present in the house, hence it is special from the point of view of Vastu Shastra'.

How many types of conch shells are found in the temple?

  • In the temple, you have been able to keep the conch shell in the south, this conch is held by Lakshmi ji. It brings good luck and prosperity to the house.
  • Ganesh Shankh can also be kept in the temple of the house; it removes obstacles and brings success to the native.
  • If you keep the Gomukhi conch in your temple, it is like rearing a cow and it is considered very sacred.
  • If you want to attract wealth and Lakshmi, then keep the Kauri conch shell in the house. You can also keep it in the temple and also keep it in the safe.

On which day should the conch be kept in the temple?

The best day to install a conch shell in the house is Shivratri or Navratri. You can buy a conch shell and install it in the temple of your home. Even on the Shivratri of Sawan, conch shells can be bought and installed in the house with the law. You can also install a conch shell on the day of Vasant Panchami.

How to keep conch shell in Pooja room?

In the temple, you should keep the conch in the southwest direction. Before establishing the conch shell, you should purify that place by sprinkling pure water. Always keep the conch shell on a red-coloured cloth or a copper or brass plate.

Rules for worshipping conch?

  • The conch shell you are worshipping should never be blown.
  • Before starting the worship, the conch should be blown and at the end of the worship also, the conch should be blown.
  • Always keep the water filled in the conch kept at the place of worship.
  • Do not keep more than two conch shells in the temple and keep both the conch shells separately.
  • If your conch is broken or fractured, remove it from the temple immediately.
  • After using the conch shell, always blow it and keep it in the temple.

If you have a conch shell in your house or you want to keep a conch shell in the temple of the house, then you should also read these tips once.


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