Vastu Tips For Kids Room: Children are the masters of their minds. Every child has their specialty as well as their likes and dislikes. Some children are so intelligent that they will always be seen in copybooks. At the same time, some children run away after hearing the name of education. His attention is not focused on his studies. Such children steal their lives from studies. After the corona epidemic, there has been a further lack of concentration in children. But through some Vastu and Astrological remedies, they can focus their attention on studies. One of those remedies is to put candles in the children's room. Let us know in which direction candles should be placed in the children's rooms so that their mind remains engaged in their studies. Along with this, know other astrological remedies to focus the children in studies.

In which direction the candle should be lit

By lighting a candle in the eastern, northeastern, or southern part of the children's room, children are attracted to studies, they feel interested in studies. At the same time their intellectual capacity increases.

In which direction the candle should not be lit

So far we have told you about the directions where candles can be placed. But there are some places where candles should not be lit. For example, placing a candle in the north direction of the house obstructs the arrival of money and can also affect the financial condition of the house. Therefore, candles should not be lit in the north corner of the house.

Candles should not be placed in the northwest direction of the house. Here candles, that is, placing a candle, brings unrest among the family members and there is a feeling of jealousy towards the family members in the mind.

Size of study table and chair

The size of the study table should be rectangular. The irregular shape may seem attractive to some people but it impairs concentration in studies. If possible, keep the table in such a way that the child does not face the wall. Make sure that the back of the chair is also strong.

Astrological remedies to increase concentration

According to astrology, lighting a lamp of ghee in front of the picture of Lord Vishnu, offering water to a banana tree, and applying tilak to the child from the soil there is also considered beneficial.
According to astrology, if your child does not feel like studying at all, then you should keep a small piece of alum in his pocket and apply saffron tilak on the forehead and navel of your child daily.
It is also considered auspicious to donate religious books and pens according to one's ability in the temple of Lord Vishnu every Thursday to increase the interest of the child in studies.
Wherever your child studies, his study table should always face east or north direction.

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