Everyone wants that there should be happiness and peace in their house and they should have a lot of income. Therefore, before building a house, everyone builds or decorates a house keeping in mind Vastu. Colors are of great importance in Vastu Shastra. The blue color is considered a symbol of happiness, peace, and wealth. It is also said that the blue color brings peace and coolness to the home in the office environment.

1. Blue Wall

Let us know where and how to use the blue color for home and office. How can you get money by using this color and in which direction the color should be used?

2. Blue in Office

Always keep in mind the positive and negative energy at home and office, things that give positive energy and also bring money, should always be kept around you.

3. Blue Fountain

Put a fountain of blue water outside the house or outside the office, it will be very auspicious.

4. Blue Tiles

If you paint the walls of the house with a blue background, then you will get money for your house, but the condition is that its direction should be in the north. Keep the tiles of the walls of the office or house in blue color, you will get the benefit of money.

5. Install LED Light

Apart from this, it will also be very beneficial if you put LED lights in the house or office.