According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered inauspicious to make certain types of rooms under the stairs. It is believed that this can lead to loss of happiness and prosperity in the family. For this keep in mind what not to do under the stairs.If you are building or buying a house, then keep in mind the direction of the ladder. In Vastu Shastra, the direction of the staircase is very important as it can make or break the positivity in your home. Many people make puja room, kitchen or bathroom under the stairs to save space while building a house. But according to Vastu Shastra, all these should never be built under the stairs. Do not make daily use rooms under the stairs. Although rooms like storerooms can be made. Which is not used on a daily basis.Keep in mind that under the stairs, do not make a wardrobe to keep shoes or slippers or a safe or cupboard to keep any valuables to keep jewelry money. Due to this you may have to face financial crisis. Also take special care that no tap is leaking under the stairs. Although there is no problem in installing the tap under the stairs, but take care that it does not leak. You should wipe your ladder everyday and do not put dustbin under it. Dustbin contains germs, mosquitoes, insects as well as it also brings negativity in the house.
Make sure to put a light on your stairs. Don't keep it dark here. Also be careful that the light is not too bright. The light should be such that it is calm and light. There is neither darkness nor bright light on the stairs. Apply lights according to the color of your stairs, which do not reflect by reading on the stones. There is a fear of getting hurt on the stairs by the reflecting light. The stairs in the house should never start or end from the gate of the kitchen, pooja room or store room. The staircase should start near the entrance of the house.