Many such things in our kitchen are used daily, but many times they are not known about the way and used of them. Although the use of aluminium is not considered good for health, we use aluminium utensils for cooking and aluminium foil for packing food.

If seen, aluminium is always used for industrial purposes, but why we use so much aluminium in homes, depends on its form. So let's talk today about aluminium foil and how it is made.

When was Aluminium foil invented?

Its invention can be traced back to 1913. A popular candy in that era was first wrapped in Aluminium foil. In the last 100 years, it has been used in different ways and now it has become a necessity which cannot be denied.

How is Aluminium foil made?

  • As the name suggests, it is made of Aluminium and its process completely depends on the machines.
  • Aluminium foil is used instead of pure Aluminium, but Aluminum with alloy i.e. mixed metal is used.
  • But it can also contain up to 92-99 percent Aluminum and that is why many experts no longer justify its use.
  • First, the metal is melted and then filled in a special machine called a rolling mill.
  • All the work is done in the rolling mill itself and many workers take care of the sensors.
  • This is because if the pressure of the mill goes up and down even 0.01 percent, the aluminum foil will be damaged and the metal will not be able to bend after drying.
  • When the metal is rolled to a thickness of 0.00017 to 0.0059 inches, it is put in a cold rolling mill so that it cools down.
  • Now the problem here is that if it is used in this way, then due to being too thin, the metal will start breaking on drying and that is why a layer of metal is put on it again in the cold rolling mill.
  • Only then is the hard-looking Aluminium metal turned into something so thin and easily bendable.

Why Aluminum foil is used so much?

The making process of Aluminium foil is such that oxygen, moisture and bacteria do not reach inside it. This is the reason why it is used so much by food packaging and pharma companies.

Processed foods and tetra packs also have Aluminium foil lining on the inside. Due to the quality of the metal, this can also be easily refrigerated.

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Is aluminium foil safe?

Aluminium is one such metal present on the earth which is abundant. In such a situation, you see, aluminium is used in some way or the other in almost everything. According to research, there is only a small amount of aluminium in the body and if aluminium is ingested through food, it is excreted through urine and stools. That's why aluminium foil is not considered dangerous, but it is also a fact that using it increases the aluminium content in the body.


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