Most of us start the day with a cup of tea. Due to this, the energy level is boosted and the person comes into the routine. After making tea, we throw away the tea leaves. But do you know that you can use these used tea leaves? Let us tell you how the used tea leaves can be used.

Take the used tea leaves in a cup and wash them so that there is no residual sugar and spices like ginger or cardamom in them.
After washing, pour some fresh water over the tea leaves.
Now boil this mixture. After a boil, turn off the flame.

Filter and let it cool. When it cools down, fill it in a spray bottle. You can now use the mixture to clean and disinfect surfaces. This is a great way to preserve the shine of old wooden furniture and keep it looking clean and new. This mixture also helps to clean mirrors and white crockery.

Cooked tea leaves can be a good fertilizer for potted plants. This is because the tannins present in tea leaves increase the acidic level of the soil which helps plants like roses to flourish.

They can be used with excess water to use them as a mild natural conditioner for the hair.

It also works well to absorb moisture. The trick is to leave dry used tea leaves in the cabinet, which are prone to moisture. Adding a few drops of essential oil to the leaves will keep the cabinets smelling better as the leaves gently diffuse the fragrance. But always remember to replace the tea leaves every few weeks.

You can keep dry tea leaves in a small bowl in the fridge to keep them smelling fresh and turn them to absorb odors.