On the one hand, Prime Minister Modi is emphasizing on making online payments, i.e. digital payments, to strengthen economic transactions and prevent fraud. Online payments, on the other hand, have occasional server downtime and somehow connectivity problems. This time too a similar situation has arisen. The server of UPI i.e. Unified Payment Interface was interrupted for more than one hour on Sunday 25th April 2022.

As a result, economic transactions across the country were severely affected.

NPCI i.e. United Payment Interface is an on-time payment process operated through the National Payments Corporation of India. At present, about 60 per cent of transactions in India are done through UPI. In which mostly small amount transactions are more. In transactions of Rs 100 or less, the volume of UPI is about 75%. As far as March is concerned, over Rs 540 crore was transacted from UPI in the last month. NPCI, meanwhile, is working on enabling payments in offline mode to reduce load on banks and in-house servers.

Outraged over the way digital payments have stalled across the country due to the server down business, people have piled up complaints on social media. It was the turn of UPI payers to face a huge total. Due to the server down business, financial transactions in various UPI mediums like Google Pay, Paytm and Phone-Pay were suspended. Following which, the customers also started complaining on Twitter. People were in dire straits to exchange money. Earlier, UPI's server went down on January 9. NPCI has not yet issued a formal tweet or statement regarding this. The primary guess is that the server is down.