Unique Temple: There are many temples in India which are either full of mystery or famous for their unique practices. One of these is a temple in Uttarakhand where devotees apply on a stamp paper in front of the deity. Let's know about the story of this temple from astrologer expert DrRadhakant Vats.

  • We are talking about the GoljuDevta temple located in Hiranagar, Haldwani, Uttarakhand. GoljuDevta is considered to be the god of justice and people here come with applications to seek justice from him. Whoever comes here with the expectation of justice, gets justice.

  • Let us tell you that this temple is more than 25 years old and its recognition among the people is very high. Here people apply for justice just like in the court. The special thing about this temple is that people of other religions also come to this temple from far and wide in the hope of justice.
  • Devotees write their vows or injustice done to them on a slip in front of the Golju deity and leave that slip in front of him. After this, their wishes are fulfilled within a short period and if any injustice has happened to them, that too gets rectified.

  • It is believed that after the fulfilment of their wishes, the devotees keep Bhandara in the temple according to their capacity and express their gratitude to the Golju deity by ringing the temple bells loudly. It goes so far as to say that the person who does injustice gets punished.
  • There are many other interesting things about this temple. Like there are many bells in this temple which shows that your words are reaching God. In addition, the Golju deity is believed to send his messengers to the wrongdoer to administer justice.

  • The person who does wrong first gets a chance to improve and if he does not rectify his mistake even then, then he has to face the punishment of GoljuDevta. As a punishment, that person's everything is taken away from him.

Image Credit: Wikipedia, Twitter


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