Lohri Look: On hearing the name of Lohri, the smell of mustard greens from the kitchen, and the traditional Punjabi look in front of the eyes, the face of the Punjabi kudi starts roaming in front. Lohri, the festival of fun and frolic, is about to come a day later. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of celebrating the Lohri party with a traditional Punjabi outfit this year, then do not ignore these tips on how to carry a paranda.

Paranda in Shot Hair- It is not necessary that you should apply Paraanda only in big hair. You can also use parandas comfortably in your short hair. You can make yourself look more graceful by wearing a parananda with a traditional outfit.

Fusion Paranda- Paranda hairstyle with Punjabi suit will add to your beauty. Ladies are doing many experiments with Paranda these days.

Bada maang tika with paranda- Paranda alone is not enough for a beautiful Punjabi look. To complete your Punjabi look, carry a big maang tika on your forehead along with it. Carrying maang tika will add to your look.

Nowadays women are preferring to carry parananda in marriage as well. You can also carry a beautiful paranda with lehenga and Punjabi suit.

Matching Paranda- You can rock the Lohri party by carrying matching parananda and maang tika with your outfit.

Make a French braid from the front with a paranda - It is difficult to carry a Punjabi look without wearing a parananda. To apply paranda, make a French braid from the front and make a simple braid at the bottom.