South India is a stronghold of natural beauty and for this reason, it is considered a favourite destination not only of the country but also of foreign tourists. If you are going to Tamil Nadu or other southern states on your next trip, then you must take care of these important things.

Smart Traveling: The problem of jams persists in most parts of South India. In hilly areas, one has to sit in the car for hours. Instead of this, if possible, you should travel by helicopter. For example, it takes hours to reach the airport via Coorg Road, whereas from Bangalore, the Coorg helicopter can reach you in an hour.

Visit South India at this time: If you want to travel to different parts of South India, then you should go here between December and February. Monsoon prevails in most parts from May to October and during this time an accident can also happen on the journey.

What to eat: South India is no less than a paradise for foodies. Apart from things made of coconut here, you can also enjoy chips made of banana. The rest of the dosa and idli here is world famous.