Dholavira: Indian history is divided into three parts. These are ancient, medieval, and modern India respectively. Indus civilization is revealed by turning the pages of ancient history. Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Dholavira, Rakhigarhi, Surkotada, Kalibanga, etc. are the major sites of this civilization. Many of these ancient sites have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. For this, a large number of tourists come to visit Dholavira. If you want to get acquainted with Indian history, then Dholavira must visit. Come, let us know everything about this ancient place-

Where is dholavira
According to historians, Dholavira was counted among the busiest metropolises in the world at that time. This city was spread over 47 hectares. Even at present, Dholavira is situated in ruins and ruins. In the year 2021, UNESCO included Dholavira in the World Heritage List. The credit for discovering the remains and ruins of this city goes to Shambhu Dan Gadhvi. Shambhunath discovered Dholavira in the year 1960. Dholavira is located in the Bhachau block of the Kutch district of Gujarat. If the explorers are to be believed, the discovery in Dholavira has shown that Dholavira had better business relations with parts of West Asia, Sindh, Punjab, and Gujarat. The business was done with Dholavira from these cities. This city was completely developed in its time. Its remains can be seen even today. The houses were made of brick. You can visit Dholavira with your friends and family to experience ancient India.

How to reach Dholavira
If you want to reach Dholavira by flight, the nearest airport is Patnagar Bhuj. The distance of Dholavira from here is 300 km. Dholavira can be reached by road from Bhuj. Whereas, before the train, you have to go to Ahmedabad. From there you can go to Samakhiali. The distance of Dholavira from here is 160 km. Apart from this, you can also go to Dholavira by road from Ahmedabad.