From ancient times to medieval times, some such forts, palaces, buildings, and palaces were built in different states of India, which are discussed not only in India but also at the world level. The medieval palace is still present in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, etc. The Firoz Shah Palace located in Hisar, Haryana is also in this sequence. People come from many states to see this historical structure and to visit the beautiful places around it. Today in this article we are going to tell you closely about Firoz Shah Palace, where you would also like to visit, so let's know.

History of Firoz Shah Palace

Talking about this famous and historical structure, its construction started in about 1354 AD under the supervision of Firoz Shah and was completed in about 1356. After 1356, many changes were made in this palace and many palaces were also built in this palace for the courtiers. In the medieval period, this palace was attacked many times, due to which it also had to face a lot of damage. For your information, let us tell you that this palace is also known as Hisar-e-Firoza.

The architecture of the palace

The architecture of the palace is amazing. The artifacts of this palace are also Islamic as well as an unmatched specimen of Indian architecture. Built of red sandstone, this palace also has a mosque, which is known as Lat Masjid. There is also a pillar about 20 high in this palace, which was earlier famous as Ashoka Pillar. Apart from this, there is also Gurjari Mahal inside this palace, which was built by Firoz Shah for his wife Gurjari. The architecture of Gurjari Mahal is made on sight.

What's special inside the palace?

There are many such things inside this palace, which attract tourists very much. ShahiDarwaza, Talaki Gate, Mori Gate, Delhi Gate, and Nagori Gate are the most famous inside this palace. There is also a Diwan-i-Aam, an underground palace, and a granary site. Many people believe that even today there is a property worth crores in the underground palace, however, till now it has not even got official evidence.

Places to visit

First of all, let us tell you that you can go anytime between 9 am to 6 pm to visit Firof Shah Palace. Let us also tell you that no entry fee is charged for visiting this palace. Talk about the places to visit, then you can go to places like Asirgarh Fort, the historical village LohriLagho and Rakhigarhi. The best time to visit is considered to be winter.

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