After Covid-19, more people have complained of pain in their knees and joints than ever before. Knee pain, which is considered a sign of increasing age, is now troubled by people of all ages. Due to this our other physical activities also start getting affected. Knee pain is relieved with the help of yoga asanas. Yogasanas not only strengthen the muscles but also strengthen the ankles, thighs, and knees. Know here about those Yogasanas that strengthen your knees and provide relief from pain.

Here are 4 Yogasanas, which help in reducing knee pain
1 Janu Shirasana (Head To Knee Pose)

Sit down with both legs extended in front.

Bend the left leg and keep it in such a way that the heel touches the perineum and the toe of the left foot is adjacent to the right thigh.
Grab the soles and thumb with both hands.
Breathe in and while exhaling bend forward. Keep your head close to your knee.
Holding your breath out, stay in this position for as long as possible. Get straight while breathing.
Perform this action by spreading the left leg and bending the right leg and touching it with the left thigh.
The action of inhaling and exhaling will be the same as before.

2 Paschimottana Asana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)
Sit with your legs extended in front. Keep both feet close.

While inhaling, raise both the hands above the head in the line of the shoulders and while exhaling, bend forward.
Stay in this position for as long as you can, then while breathing raises the arms and the whole body.
Do this action 5-10 times.
The muscles of the waist and buttocks are healthy by this asana. Unnecessary belly fat is reduced. Constipation and obesity are removed. People who are suffering from sciatica or joint pain for a long time should not do this asana.

3 Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Stand straight. Keep a certain distance of 4-6 inches between both feet. Keep your eyes fixed on the object in front of you.

Interlace the fingers of both hands with each other.
Now while inhaling, raise the hands above the head.
Stand on the toes and look up at the hands. The palms will be facing upwards.
Pull the whole body up.
Hold your breath for some time and stay in that position. While exhaling, bring your hands down and keep the heels on the ground.
Try to pull yourself upwards while doing this action.
Do this at least 10 times.
It also strengthens the spine.

4 Triangle Pose
Stand straight. Spread the legs. The distance between both feet should be 2-3 feet.

While inhaling, spread both the hands at the height of the shoulders in a straight line i.e. in the form of a horizontal line.
Now leave the breath by bending the right knee slightly. While exhaling, tilt the body to the right and touch the toes with the fingers.
Keep an eye upwards.
Do this action from the other side as well. In this also inhalation and exhalation will remain as before.

Trikonasana benefits

Acharya Kaushal says that a Raised Feet Pose, Pawan Muktasana (Wind Relieving Pose) also provides relief from knee pain. Channel Cleaning Breathing and Ujjayi Pranayama (Breath Regulating Technique) are also beneficial in this.