Scissors are used a lot to make many household tasks easier. Scissors are those tools with the help of which it is easy to cut and sew clothes. If the sharp edge of the scissors is good, then it is easy to cut things like cloth etc. But after cutting things caught many times, the edge of the scissor ends, due to which the edge of the scissor also gets spoiled.

In such a situation, many women turn to the market to sharpen the edge of the scissors. But after reading this article you will not need to go to the market. If you have sandpaper at home, you can easily sharpen the edge of the scissors with the help it. Let's know-how.

The first way to sharpen a scissor

You can sharpen the edge of a scissor in not one but two easy ways. For this, first, you can buy sandpaper from any hardware. Sandpapers are available for 10-20 rupees.

  • Clean the scissor blade once or twice before sharpening it.
  • Now keep dropping a few drops of water on the edge of the scissors continuously and rub it on the edge with sandpaper.
  • Do this process like this for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Clean the scissors after 7 minutes. You will notice that the sharp edge of the scissor is sharp.

Another way to sharpen scissors

  • You don't have to work hard for the other tips.
  • For this, you keep cutting the sandpaper continuously for some time with the edge of the scissors.
  • About 10 minutes of continuous sandpaper cutting can make the scissors sharper than before.
  • After cutting the sandpaper with scissors, be sure to rub the scissors on a pumice stone.

Remove rust with scissors with sandpaper

Sometimes scissors become useless due to rust in the scissors. Sandpaper can be the best option for removing rust from scissors. Sometimes the edge of the scissor and its upper part gets rusted. In such a situation, to remove the rust from the scissors, first of all, put a few drops of water on the scissors and rub the rusted area with sandpaper. This removes the rust easily.

Image Credit:(@thecavenderdiary,.wikimedia)


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