Period days are difficult for any woman. With pain, heavy flow, mood swings and many more, managing everyday tasks is not easy. Most women avoid travelling more or doing anything new these days, but it is not possible every time. Many times during period days you have to travel due to some important work or period date may also come in the middle of travel what to do in such a situation?

Let us tell you about all these things, what tips you can manage, what you should do, and what you should take special care of when the period date comes during travel. With the help of these simple tips, you can make travelling during periods less difficult.

How to manage periods while travelling

Sometimes the date of your period is not around, but if you are going to a place where the environment and temperature are different from the environment you live in every day, then there can be a change in the date of the period.

If you are travelling during period days, then definitely keep pads, tissue paper, wet wipes and disposable bags with you. Even if you are travelling for a few hours, keep some extra pads with you.

  • Although it is advisable not to take painkillers to control pain during periods, if you feel more pain, then after consulting a doctor for an emergency, carry some medicines with you.
  • During this, choose only those clothes in which you feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, then you will be more worried about getting stained.
  • Whatever travel route you are following, try to use the washroom in between.
  • Weakness is also felt more in the day’s periods while travelling, you cannot get the food items of your choice everywhere. In such a situation, keep some options like nuts, seeds, chocolates and healthy drinks with you.

  • During travel, we often either skip eating and drinking in a hurry or try unhealthy options. Do not do this at all during periods.
  • Do keep a heating pad with you.
  • If you are traveling alone then these tips can prove to be even more effective for you. If you are travelling with someone and you are feeling any problem due to periods, then talk about it openly and seek help. A period is not a taboo.

Image Credit: Freepik