It is very important to be health-conscious in the winter season as compared to other seasons. If we are careless in this season, then there is a fear of getting cold, cough, etc. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take diet in the right proportion.

But, if you are asked what things do you include in food or which medicines do you include to boost iron levels in the body, then what will be your answer? Well, if you are told that you can boost iron level naturally at home, then what would be your answer? Yes, Ayurveda doctor RekhaRadhamoni is going to tell that you too can easily boost iron levels naturally, so let's know.

Consume Amla Powder

Amla is considered to be a storehouse of medicinal properties not from today but from ancient times. Even today, Amla or its powder is used to overcome many problems. Not one but many problems are easily overcome by its consumption. In such a situation, Dr. RekhaRadhamoni says that to boost iron level naturally, you can consume Amla powder. She says that after mixing Amla powder and ghee, you can consume it before lunch. This can be beneficial for health. Apart from this, the ginger powder can also be included in the diet.

Say no to these things

To boost iron level naturally, it is necessary to say no to some things. Yes, some such things can reduce the iron level. That's why she says that along with sour things in the food, salt intake should also be reduced. In such a situation, if you want to boost iron naturally, then you should also reduce its intake. In such a situation, think about it before consuming a pickle with an excessive intake of salt.

Stay away from alcohol

No matter how much gooseberry and ghee you consume or no matter how much salt and sour food you do not include in the food, but, if you consume alcohol then you are not going to get any benefit. Therefore, if you want the iron level in the body to be maintained in the right proportion, then you should stay away from alcohol. Radhamoni says that the consumption of alcohol not only has a bad effect on health but also lowers the iron level. So you should stay away from it.

Keep these things in mind

RekhaRadhamoni further says that some things should be consumed at a regular time and some things should not be done. For example, exercise should be done regularly. Apart from this, red grapes and black raisins should be included in the diet. Apart from this, things like coffee, vinegar, potatoes, and tomatoes should be consumed less. Apart from this, honey should be included in winter.

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