Are you also troubled by constipation? Do you also have trouble passing stool? If you are not getting relief from constipation despite taking medicine, then you need to pay attention to it, because as constipation becomes chronic, the person may have more serious problems related to the digestive system. Apart from this, your entire daily routine can also be affected due to problems like weakness, fatigue, stomach pain, vomiting, and restlessness. We are suggesting some home remedies suggested by experts, consumption of which can help soften your stool and give you relief from constipation.

To relieve constipation, eat flaxseed powder mixed with papaya

According to dietitian RichaDoshi, if you are facing difficulty in passing stool then you should consume papaya with flaxseeds. That means it should be eaten with flax seeds powder. Papaya has been used to improve digestion since the times of grandmothers. It has natural laxative properties due to which the stool becomes soft and passes easily, while papaya contains a good amount of soluble fibre which cleans the intestines. In this way, it provides great relief from the problem of constipation. Papaya also contains an enzyme called papain which digests food faster and protects from acidity. If we talk about flax seeds, a good amount of soluble fibre is also found in it, it dissolves easily in water due to which the stool becomes soft, the combination of these two can do wonders in relieving constipation. Let us know how to consume it.

How to consume papaya and flaxseed powder?

Cut the papaya into pieces and take them out in a bowl, then sprinkle one spoon of flaxseed powder on them, mix and consume it. Eating papaya on an empty stomach in the morning can be very beneficial. It removes the toxins accumulated in the body, keeping the stomach clean. However, one should not eat anything for one hour after eating papaya. Along with this, consuming papaya during pregnancy can be harmful. Some people are allergic to papaya, in these situations, papaya should not be consumed.

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