Do you also feel a burning sensation and pain after having a physical relationship? Is there difficulty in passing urine and it seems that some problem related to the uterus is always increasing? Mostly due to not maintaining proper hygiene or due to any bacterial infection, the risk of urinary tract infection increases significantly.

If care is not taken regarding any such infection, it may lead to a major sexually transmitted disease.

Lap surgeon and gynaecologistDrGarima Srivastava MD (MRCOG (UK)) has shared information related to this on Instagram. She told us how urinary tract infections can be avoided.

According to DrGarima, most people shy away from talking about sexual relations and the hygiene related to it and this is the reason why they face more problems.

Can sexual intercourse cause UTI infection?

The bacteria that can cause UTI is present in our body itself. In such a situation, as soon as the bacteria come near the vaginal opening, it can easily affect our bladder. Women are more likely to develop post-sex UTIs.

What are the symptoms of UTI?

  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Feeling the need to urinate, but no urine
  • Pain
  • Fever and chills go away
  • Pain in the upper back or pelvic region
  • Severe pain while urinating
  • Urine appearing discolored or foamy

How to prevent UTI after sexual relation

Doctor Garima has given five such tips which will help in reducing UTI to a great extent.

1. Take care of hydration

If the hydration in the body is correct, many types of things can be prevented. Drink plenty of water before and after sexual intercourse and try to avoid alcohol.

2. Pass urine immediately after sexual intercourse

Even if for some reason bacteria have entered your vaginal tract, passing urine immediately after sexual intercourse can flush out much of the bacteria from the vaginal opening. This is considered the most effective way to prevent urinary tract infections.

3. Always use lubrication

Less lubrication can also cause bacteria to enter the vaginal opening and cause discomfort. While having sexual relations, you have to keep in mind that lubrication is sufficient. You should use only hygienic lubricant.

4. Always use a condom

Protection is very important to prevent both STIs and UTIs. In such a situation, it would be best for you to always use protection like a condom. Even if you are using some other type of contraceptive, condom protection can still be very important to avoid diseases.

5. Always use tissue correctly

Dangerous bacteria that cause UTIs and bacteria like E.coli that cause other diseases are present in the anal opening. If you carry tissue from the anus to the vaginal opening, you will be at risk for disease. Therefore, Dr. Garima suggests that you should always move the tissue backwards from the vaginal opening. It is important to adopt this technique even after having a sexual relationship.

If you are facing any personal problem, first contact your doctor about it. Hesitating about such problems increases the risk of serious illness.

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