This is the relationship between Makar Sankranti and Til

The setting of the sun begins on the day of Makar Sankranti. On this day, holy bath, giving alms is of great importance and sesame is consumed on this day. It is believed that Brahma, the creator of the universe, created black and white sesame seeds.

Therefore, sesame is considered to be the first food in the universe. Due to this, Yajna, Havan cannot be completed without Tila and also Tarpana in Shraddha Paksha cannot be done without Tila. Bathing with sesame water is considered very good.

Apart from the stories in Dharma Purana, Ayurveda and science have also acknowledged the importance of sesame. Sesame seeds are perfect for medicinal properties. Research has shown that sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants, calcium, carbohydrates as well as copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, B1 vitamins and high fiber. It has many benefits for the body.

Consumption of sesame strengthens bones, reduces joint pain, lowers cholesterol, cures colds and coughs, enhances immunity and digestion. However, Ayurveda says that since sesame is hot, it should be consumed in cold weather. Sankranti is a time of cold. Consumption of sesame seeds is beneficial for cold sores and joint pains but massage of sesame oil helps in smoothing the veins and blood flow in the body. Sesame seeds are considered to be life-giving. This makes it beneficial to consume more sesame seeds on cold days.

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