Fashion trends keep on changing with the times. In such a situation, whether it is a blouse or a dress, the length of the sleeves changes according to the style, while they come with different designs. If you want to know about different types of sleeves, then you can read this article. In this, the names of some trendy sleeve designs have been mentioned.

Kimono sleeves

Kimono sleeves are inspired by the Japanese kimono lace dress. They are wide, long, and loose. An attractive option for both western and Indian wear. These sleeves are good for both the blouse and top.

Bishop sleeves

Bishop sleeves are full sleeves, fit near the elbow, and then open down to the wrist. They form a cuff at the end with buttons. These sleeves look good in a western top and one-piece dress.

Off shoulder sleeves

The off-shoulder sleeves trend may have been around for a long time, but it is still not out of date. These start slightly below the scapula. They come in all lengths and sizes. These sleeves look good in saree and lehenga blouses, tops, maxi all.

Puffed sleeves

These puffed sleeves look good on traditional outfits, short tops,