Nowadays due to dust, soil, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle, almost every person has skin-related problems. Pimples are very common, but after that, the black spots fall on the face, and sweat is lost in reducing them. People don't know what to do about this. From expensive to expensive creams and cosmetics treatments are done. But the effect is negligible. In such a situation, today we tell you such home remedies that how to get rid of black spots on the face can be removed in no time.


Yes, the potato used in vegetables is considered very beneficial to enhance the complexion of our face. Especially after pimples, which are black marks. If potato juice or potato pieces are rubbed on it, then gradually these black marks start reducing.

Lemon juice

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps in lightening dark marks. For this, apply lemon juice with the help of cotton on the part of the face where you have the problem of black marks. After keeping it for a while, wash it off with normal water. Due to this, the dark spots gradually start lightening.


Yes, egg white is considered very beneficial for our skin. For this, apply egg white on the face and let it dry. Then wash it off with clean water by rubbing it with your hands. By doing this two to three times a week, you will start seeing its results.


Like lemon, vitamin C and many antioxidants are also found in tomatoes, which are very beneficial for our face and it is also a panacea in removing dark marks. For this, you grind tomato juice or chatter and apply its paste on your face and wash it with water after massaging it with light hands.


Papaya helps to remove dead skin from our face. It also acts as a natural scrub, which gradually makes our skin bright and glowing. For this, mash papaya and apply it to your face for some time. Then wash your face with water. By using it twice a week, the dark spots on the face start getting lighter.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is considered very beneficial for our face, hair, and our health. If you consume aloe vera juice, then you do not have problems related to skin and hair. Also, if you are troubled by dark spots, then apply aloe vera gel in that place. The Anti Inflammatory properties present in it work to reduce the scars rapidly.