When the cold season is just frozen, carrots are used more for health reasons. Carrots are very nutritious, but the taste of carrots, especially in winter, is somewhat different. Carrots are used in salads as well as halva and pickles. This is the red carrot thing. But have you seen the black carrot?

Yes, black carrots come in and contain a treasure trove of vitamins.

Also called desi carrot

Black carrots are a special type of carrot. Which is scientifically known as Carrot Subsp. This is most common in China and India. Black carrots, also called desi carrots. They are more nutritious than all colored carrots. It has nutritional properties like fiber, potassium, vitamin-A, vitamin-C, vitamin-B. Which helps to boost immunity. The taste of black carrots is different from other carrots. It is more salty and delicious. Black carrots are especially widely grown in Awadh. This carrot halva is also found in some places. Its halva can be made just like ordinary carrot halva. And it looks delicious too.

Full of many virtues

Black carrots have many qualities. If it is included in the diet, it will help in keeping the body fit. At the same time, the problem associated with your skin can be solved. Not only that, black carrot is a low calorie vegetable. Which leads to weight loss benefits. At the same time, research has revealed that it has anti-oxidant cancer fighting properties. It can also be used for arthritis pain and heart problems. Drinking black carrot juice can eliminate the problem of fatty liver, high blood sugar, high BP and heart muscle cramps.

Even if you don't use carrots, they can be eaten raw in salads. In addition to red carrots, orange and common yellow carrots are also available in the market. Black and purple carrots are also available in the market. Each carrot has a difference in color as well as taste and quality.