Most women have been found to have thoughts other than sex running through their minds when they are having sex. Because the brain is never static and different thoughts come up every time. When women have sex, they think more about their looks than sex.

Women may also think about their weight during sex.

Where men, once in a mood, give their full attention to performance. Also, women mistakenly thought about their weight and immediately another question came up that hey, today I forgot to shave. Also, it doesn't matter.

Most women enjoy having their partner foreplay during sex. Also, when the partner reaches the climax, they find the process tedious. Sometimes she doesn't even fully enjoy her partner's enthusiasm. Sometimes women also think that it is better if the partner slows down a bit.

Women also think about what to make of their food during sex. The children have to be prepared for school. If there is a working woman, she also thinks about what to wear to the office during sex. Women also think about the office during sex. Also, the partner is busy with his work.

Some thoughts come to the minds of women even when the partner reaches orgasm during sex and later prepares for bed. Women seem to be wondering why this ended so quickly? Her snoring can be heard before she says anything to her partner.