The railway network is the oldest mode of transport in the world. Many countries have started running from fast train to bullet train. The history of railway network is linked to Greece and there is evidence of railway network in the 6th century. Railway network is the most popular medium in hundreds of countries of the world, but still there are some countries where there is no train facility till date. Yes, you must have been shocked to hear this, but it is true. Let us tell you about some such countries of the world where trains have not run yet.

Andorra is the 11th smallest country in the world by population and it also comes at number 16 in terms of area. Let us tell you, Andorra has never had a rail network. The nearest railway station is in France and a bus service runs from here to reach this country.

Bhutan is the smallest country in South Asia. As of now, there is no railway network in this country. But the idea is to connect the southern part of Bhutan with the Indian railway network.

Cyprus -
Currently, there is no railway network in Cyprus. But if you are thinking that no train has ever run in this country, then you are wrong. Railway network existed in the country from 1905 to 1951. During that time the train traveled 76 miles and passed through 39 stations. But later this extension was closed in 1974.

East Timor
The communication network and transportation infrastructure in East Timor is in very poor condition. East Timor has never had a railway network. The primary transport system of this country is only road and that too is in very poor condition.

Kuwait is the only country in the world with huge reserves of oil. Despite this, there is no railway network here. Currently, several railway projects have been built in Kuwait. The country has planned a 1200-mile-long Gulf Railway network that will run between Kuwait City and Oman.